CEO Message

Greetings from EBC Phnom Penh!

Educational Broadcasting Cambodia (EBC) was a grant aid project (2020-2022) from the Republic of Korea aiming to provide “free online education” to underprivileged children, students, and citizens throughout Cambodia.

From the project’s early days, there have been countless challenges and obstacles due to COVID-19 restrictions, navigating the complex regulatory environment, securing funding and resources, and overcoming technical difficulties. Still, we never lost hope, guided by our strong faith, in establishing a “free online educational environment” in Cambodia.

Today, we have successfully established “Educational Broadcasting Cambodia,” managed and led by our young Cambodian experts and teachers.

EBC is proud to sound off our mission to “provide simple, informative, and delightful educational content and programs for free to enhance equality in education.”

I invite you to explore the resources and content available on our website and to join us in building a straight narrow path to a brighter future for Cambodia.